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  • Film & Television Producers: AMN has multiple worldwide Distribution Channels to bring your products to the audience.  AMN's unique payment schedule puts your money in your hands in fourteen days or less after distribution and offers generous long-term residuals.
  • Content Providers: AMN is able to distribute the full spectrum of media; catalogue, educational, instructional and music videos, television programs and full length motion pictures, as well as gaming and software applications.
  • Distributors: AMN provides new venues and alternative income streams for your media properties.  Now you can offer your clients more income, faster payouts and higher residuals.
  • Advertisers: AMN targets your message to your exact audience and your specific demographics.  AMN services every level of advertising customer -- from the smallest local businesses to the largest International corporations. Featuring true performance results advertisers can plan and choose participation tailored to their needs ranging from cooperative partnering to exclusive media sponsorships. 
  • Advertising Agencies: AMN gives your agency the unique edge to offer your clients a wide variety of new and exciting methods to deliver their message across every media and communication platform.  This is not the same old tired hyperbole.  AMN is targeted, pinpointed and exact to your client's demographic requirements.
  • Content Buyers: Access the largest media and content libraries available. Offer your customers a wider variety than ever before and with AMN's Media Share™ your cost for media can range from a small fraction of what you're currently paying to free. That's right -- free.
  • Original Media: With complete writing, engineering, production, editing and distribution services AMN can create any type of media to your specifications.    From Local commercials to original television programming and full length motion pictures to games and software applications, AMN delivers. Your company can now own entertainment property that is created especially for you, with the content, the talent and the story made to your specifications and if you want, fashioned around your products. Even more exciting, AMN distribution delivers your program directly to your exact customer and/or exact demographic group.

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